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    RDP Printing


    by jason ·

    I have configured an HPLJ 4240 as a local printer with a standard TCP/IP port, the printer has been configured with a static IP on a 10.X network. I have used the same PCL6 driver on the workstation and the server. I connect to the RDP session just fine. I can ping the printer from the server at the main site but when I attempt to send a print job to the printer I get Event ID: 1111, which recomended I run the Terminal Server Printer Driver Redirection Wizard. I did this, but was unclear as to what driver I should have used, I ended up choosing the same PCL6 driver and still have no success printing. The Server is Win2000 with a 172.x network address and the workstation is XP Pro. Any ideas from anyone that may have run into this similar issue would be helpful.

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      Windows OS drivers list

      by jonny memonic ·

      In reply to RDP Printing

      where did you get the drive from?
      Did you install the driver from the windows 2000 drivers list in the OS
      Or did you get it from a website, disk or CD?

      If your answer was the second option.
      Try to install the driver from the windows 2000 OS drivers list.
      If you do not find the exact driver.
      Try to find the exact closest model to emulate.
      This might work.

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        Windows OS drivers list

        by jason ·

        In reply to Windows OS drivers list

        Well you are correct it did end up being a driver related issued, thanks for your help Johnny.

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