RDP Printing on Local Network

By eggdashure ·
From what I can find, printing on a local printing while using RDP is a valid option. Under the "options" tab of the Remote Desktop Connection program, "local resources" and "printers" are checked.

According to MS they should be automatically added to the available printers. I tried this, but noticed no local printers, only those on the remote box, since I was using an XP Home box, I switched over to an XP Pro box. Same thing, no new printers.

Am I missing something here? Remote box is XP Pro SP2.


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by shasca In reply to RDP Printing on Local Net ...

The printers on the local PC you are running remote desktop from are not available from the remoted PC's printers?

You would need to browse and install them as they are now a remote printer.

Let me know if I misread your question.

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Clarification of original post

by eggdashure In reply to Clarification

No I think you read it properly. I went to this KB article ( and from what I understand, if I use Remote Desktop Connection and choose the options tab, inside that there is an option to add my local printers to the remote session. Here is a quote from that KB.

After you establish the remote connection and log on to the remote computer, the local printer that is connected to the client becomes the default printer for any programs that are running on the remote desktop. If the client has more than one printer attached to it, the default printer for the computer becomes the default printer on the remote desktop; however, all local printers are available.
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Remote desktop printing

by garo In reply to Clarification

I am having the same issue and have not been able to resolve it
The local machine can prnit to the printer on the local network, when I remote in to the server.
I have loaded the correct drivers on the sever 2003
I have ticked to allow local devices & resources
and I still can not do it.
I have HP Color LaserJet 2840 running on Vista Pro at home
It was all working fin until HP gave me new drivers to load for singthe scan on the system
Is there somewhere I can look at a full check list to see if I have it all correct?
Thanks in advance

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Drivers need to exist on the server!!!!

by 1bn0 In reply to RDP Printing on Local Net ...

The driver for the local printer has to be installed on the server so Termainl Service can process the print job correctly before re-directing to the local printer.

If you check you event viewer you will probably find error messages indicating the failure to redirect the printers due to a lack of drivers.

See also

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by eggdashure In reply to Drivers need to exist on ...

Ok, you say that the drivers need to be on the server, I just want to make sure I am understanding what you are classifying as the server. If you mean the remote computer is the server, I have the drivers ready to go there. My problem comes in if I try to browse for the printer, all I can find are ones located on the remote network.

Also, do I check event viewer locally or remotely?

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One last try

by shasca In reply to Drivers...

On the local PC are the printers shared out?

Can you browse to the Computer in network neighborhood/network Places? The printer/s should show as being directly connected to that PC under it's domain.
Do they show as being shared and available there?

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Last chance?

by eggdashure In reply to One last try

Yes, the Printers are shared out.

Can I browse to the local computer, let me check...

Nope, my domain is not available for some reason. When I double click on my local domain I get an hour glass, but then nothing happens. Permissions possibly?

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Ok...figured it out

by eggdashure In reply to RDP Printing on Local Net ...

I figured it out. The port I was using for the printer was not set correctly. Once I set it up properly on the local machine it was properly recognized remotely.

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yer welcome (NT)

by shasca In reply to Ok...figured it out

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