RDP problems in Vista

By will ·
We regularly use RDP to connect to various servers and workstations for support purposes, all routers and firewalls are setup for this and in XP everything if fine. When using Vista, however, the connection is made, passwords accepted and the desktop appears. But you cannot interact with it, no clicking on icons, nothing. After a few seconds the connection fails. Imedietly moving to an XP machine and retrying the connection works, everytime. Has anyone else experienced this, or found a fix?

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by Sue T In reply to RDP problems in Vista

right click Computer and select Properties. Select Advanced System Settings on the left and when the window opens click on the Remote tab. What is selected in this window?

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re: Permissions

by will In reply to permissions

Do you mean on the server or client?

I don't think permissions are the issue as I can connect fine using an XP machine so must be set correctly on the server. I believe it is to do with RDP 6.0, either an option I don't know about needs to be set differently, or it's a bug.

However, to answer your question, allow remote assistance is ticked, as is allow connections from computers running any version of RDP.

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I did mean on the client

by Sue T In reply to re: Permissions

I use Vista with remote desktop version 6.0.6001.18000 all the time and haven't had any issues so I don't believe that is the problem. Maybe someone else will have an idea.

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by shasca In reply to re: Permissions

Any different kinda firewall,security software on either PC?
What version of RDP does each use?
Anything in the event viewer on either box that is helpful?
If all else fails you could download TSWeb client and use that.

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