rdp sessions disconnecting

By fcolvin ·
I have servers that we connect to via rdp sessions. they are on a site to site vpn. some of the sessions connect and stay connected but others disconnect and then it takes a while to reconnect. I can connect to these from rdp sessions already connected thru the vpn. can anyone offer ideas on where to start troubleshooting this issue?

Frank Colvin

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is it site specific?

by akalinowski In reply to rdp sessions disconnectin ...

is it site specific or some users at a site can connect while others loose the session?
also is it consistent as to which users have issues?

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sites affected

by fcolvin In reply to is it site specific?

it appears to affect certain servers, but not all and not all in the same way.

Before the disconnect your not able to do anything: close windows, type, click on links
then when I try to connect from my desktop I cant reach the computer. However if I try it from a RDP session that is connected I can connect. This is a wierd case.

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by Kewlb In reply to sites affected

Did you ever resolve this issue? I am having the same situation at a customer. There is an IPSec encrypted tunnel between two sites and one of the site's users are constantly dropping connectivity to the terminal server. We never drop any packets on the network between the two sites. The servers are virtualized

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Look above

by NexS In reply to resolved?

There is an 'Ask a question' button which you can use to ask your own question.
People will try and help you out then, rather than digging up a long-dead question.

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