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    RDRAM compatability


    by dukeanet ·

    Q? How can I get my upgraded RDRAM (pc1066) to boot.
    Details: Dell 8250, 2.4 Ghz PC
    2×128 modules work great; upgrade-2×256 shut down as windows tries to boot. I have worked with Dell and they think it is a problem with Windows.
    I am not an expert but I can assure you that we have tried every config. combination and conclude that factory only provided modules may be the problem if windows is not the problem

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      by dukeanet ·

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      Dell Forums

      by thechas ·

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      Looking through the Dell forums for the 8250, it looks like a lot of people are having issues getting working RAM on their systems.

      My first step would be to verify that the new RAM is good.

      Take the RAM and the system to a local shop and see if they can test the RAM for you. If the RAM tests good, see if they will install 2 different RAM modules into your system to verify compatibility.

      Oh, don’t expect a shop to do this for free unless you buy something from them.

      Then, you will be armed with data to go back to Dell or wherever you bought the RAM from.


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        Dell Forums info

        by dukeanet ·

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        This is second set of modules (pc800 and pc1066).They were recognized by system but shut down as the windows sequence started. Also using new ram only would not boot either.
        I wondered about BIOS as a possible solution but I’m poorly knowledgeable about working in this area. Second thought is that windows itself may have something to do with recognizing new modules.?????? Thanks for input.

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          Go into the

          by jesus_c ·

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          bios and make sure the mhz are configured to match the new ram

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          Rambus ram are matched sets?

          by rader ·

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          I can’t remember, but check and make sure the rams are matched sets, I would probly guess not or you added to the old sets which, would make them unmatched. Make sure the empty simm cards are in the unued slots. Make sure that you have the right RAMBUS to match your bios as Dillpickles bios is nothing, no settings or tweaks, they might as will left it untouchable. Im looking at my brothers right know. Build you own pc, it will be cheaper to upgrade and fun. Priotory machines are throw aways, use them ,they break, out of warranty,sell the parts on ebay.
          They want 300 bucks a 10 dollar MB.

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