RDram or AGP

By coolwam ·
p4 1.4 on intel850 mobo
640mb ram(2x64 pc800 RDram;2x256 pc700 RDram)
16mb nvidia gcard

my comp seems faster with only the 128 pc800.
since my mobo doesn support pc700,all of em(including pc800) are working at 600mhz when i put in the pc700.

i have an option of getting a 256mb AGP card instead of the 512pc700. should i go for it or try overcloacking the under performing 640mb rdram?

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Check your AGP Slot Type

by TheChas In reply to RDram or AGP

Personally, I would opt for new RAM.

For most all around PC applications, having more and faster RAM will impact performance more than boosting your video.

That said, if you are into gaming, the video "might" be at least an equal upgrade.

The biggest issue you need to look at is the specifications for your AGP slot, and what the new card supports.

Many older motherboards only support 2X or 4X AGP cards. Most of the 256MB cards are 8X cards that do not support "legacy" 2X and 4X AGP slots.

I might even suggest living with what you have and save up for a new system as the better option.


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