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By rwbyshe ·
I'm wondering how you can recommend the software Ad Muncher when and don't even put a rating on it?

There are slightly over 5000 downloads thus far from Does this, in your opinion, substantiate a reason to recommend it to millions of members?

I'm interested in knowing why you'd use this forum and recommend it solely in your article and not mention other reputable paid for or free software packages that are already out there.

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Could you possibly connect this comment to whatever article?

by seanferd In reply to Re: Ad Muncher

I don't know what they were thinking, but what does the number of downloads have to do with it? I suspect someone rather liked the software after trying it.

Why should every other bit of code which does something similar be mentioned? Obviously, the article was not about them.

So, what is your vested interest?

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Here's the article and some info...

by rwbyshe In reply to Could you possibly connec ...

It was in ZDNet's Tech Boiler write up. Here is the title, etc.
"Personal Computer Security: Using Uncommon Sense
By Scott Raymond | August 27, 2010, 10:39pm PDT"

My concern is many times I see these guys drop a reference/recommend to an item or software that isn't tried and true. People out there are going to simply assume that this chunk of software is golden!

The truth is the it was posted on on 2/4/2010; it now has 8723 downloads and that's up from yesterdays 5000 plus. There are only 6 user reviews with a combined rating of 4 stars. There is no Editors Review or Rating!

That all bothers the **** out of me simply because it leads me to believe that these writers will recommend anything that they or their company is paid to include in an article.

If in fact this software was that good, and with almost 7 months on don't you think it would have more downloads and some sort of review and rating?

These guys are not gods or necessarily ghuru's. In many cases they're simply writers and they include in their articles what their editor wants in it because their customer needs exposure. That's why I feel it's wrong to simply throw a "recommendation" out there by referencing it in an article because you and I both know that folks are going to download it and rely on it before anyone proves it will do what it claims.

Please don't take what I've said as an affront or a challenge to you. It's not meant that way.

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RE: I'm interested in knowing why you'd use this forum

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Re: Ad Muncher

I didn't recommend this application and for that matter before reading this I had never even known of it's existence.

So where do you get off claiming that I did anything at all?

Probably more importantly what are you talking about?


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. . .

by NexS In reply to RE: I'm interested in kno ...

Always taking it so personally, Col?

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I'm sure

by NexS In reply to Re: Ad Muncher

That it was done <b>specifically</b> for you. Or others in the same boat.
Just lying in wait, to give you the sh!ts.

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