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re: dumb user( I wanna be a techie!)

By bewolfe ·
In my spare time I volunteer at computers4kids. We fix donated and program (with Win 9 donated computers and sell them to families whose kids need computers but can't afford new ones. About 6 months ago we had a Pentium powered Compaq that every week or two would be back in the shop with various hardware problems. The last time it came in with the complaint that the flpooy light was on all the time and it wouldn't work! I opened the case using the nice big round screws that Compaq puts on their machines and unplugged the floppy cable and put it in the right way, Then I rooted around in the bolt box until I found a set of security screws and used them. Its been 6 months and the machine still works very well!

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But doesn't it feel nice to know

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to re: dumb user( I wanna be ...

That all of the problems where caused by the company/Charity that donated the computer?

I can remember once a long time ago I sold an IBM CPU to someone and it was returned about a week latter not working. The CPU was dead and when I replaced it I found that the thing had been overclocked drastically killing the CPU. So ever since I've sealed the cases and if the seal is broken I offer no guarantee.

The person with the IBM CPU was insistent that they get it in this configuration and was even more insistent that they had never touched it either even though there where jumpers missing off the M'Board and they where nowhere to be found inside the case.


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congrats you are a tech!

by zlitocook In reply to re: dumb user( I wanna be ...

That is how techs are born, you see a problem, you figure out what it is and fix it. that e real reason for hackers, a few years ago a person wanted a program/computer to do some thing it was not programed to do so they fixed/changed it. A person can go to school to learn programing/ computer repair/ networking and any of a hundred other things. But if they do not understand and like what they do they are not techs they are people who do but do not think. And if you like/love electronics and computers, and seem to know why a device is not working. You are one of the few out of thousands that have fun with what they do! I am going to get a ton of hate mail out of this! But oh well I still run a network with Win3.11 and Linux 2.0 and have never been hacked.

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Why would you get any hate mail?

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to congrats you are a tech!

You are right!


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