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    Re-enabling Cookies in IE8


    by rfreestun ·

    Can someone Help me with IE 8 cookies. Many webpages (including TechRepublic downloads) tell me I don’t have Cookies Enabled. I DO – I’ve turned on Over-ride Cookie Handling, and ticked ‘accept’ both types of Cookies in IE Tools | Internet Options | Privacy. In the past I disabled cookies (thought it was a good idea to stop marketing Cookies) – and recently tried re-enabling them.
    It appears to have not worked. How do I reverse this? I believe I only blocked annoying marketing cookies, but who knows… Turning off the Over-ride doesn’t make any difference. Firefox works fine, IE 8 is the only place I have the problem. I’ve also tried turning OFF my A-V, (Zone Alarm Extreme Security 2010), but that has no effect either.
    I’ve run out of options and need help.
    Anyone? Please?

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      by rfreestun ·

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      Follow these directions

      by oh smeg ·

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      Open IE8 left click on Tools and then select Internet Options from the Drop Down Menu.

      Then click on Privacy and move the slider to the bottom of the scale or at least lower than it currently is.

      That should cure the current issue.


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