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I sent in a post last week about my sony vaio FS415M Laptop not booting. Now It shows the vaio screen then a blue screen with white lettering saying my video driver cant be located. The computer doesnt boot beyond this point as no keys respond.Also tried getting into the BIOS with F2 and even tried F8 but the buttons are not responding.Previously On very rare occasions it does boot without showing the buffering meter and then tells me 'New hardware installed:ACPI UNIPROCESSOR installed' and then asks me to restart my computer which if i do most times it wont boot again.However evertime it does boot it shows the new hardware msg.Performed recovery once but problem is still the same.Thinking its because i was unable to get to the BIOS to load the default settings first??.Now for some days the occassional booting doesnt even happen again.have been without a laptop for over 5 days and i have some documents stuck in it. Please help me out.

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Well it could be a Hardware Failure involved here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Re- HELP MY LAPTOP WONT B ...

Not sure what to suggest about making it work again short of Taking it to a Repair Shop for Repairs if not Under Guarantee any longer or to a Sony Authorized Repairer if it is UG.

As for your DATA all you need do is remove the HDD and fit it to a USB Caddy for 2.5 Inch Drives and plug this into another computer to read your Data so you can copy it across to the other computer and use it there.

If you where using a External Keyboard on the NB you may have turned off the Function Keys which is preventing you getting into the BIOS so the cure here would be to plug in the External Keyboard and turn on the Function Keys from there.

If you are unable to enter BIOS with an External Keyboard that in itself would point to a Hardware issue that needs fixing. Have you tried using any Boot Disc's in the Optical Drive to see if they are seen and loaded?


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