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    re: How to install Windows 10 in Boot Camp on unsupported Macs


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    Comment section to the original post, is closed.
    So I am posting in forum here to alert others.

    I have bricked my Mid2011 MacBook Air by following the instructions here (to a certain extend) so I am attempting to warn others not to follow.

    Besides, removing the Win7OnlyModels section I also deleted Macmini4,2 (my Mac) from SupporedNonWin10Models because I want to install windows10. Then when Bootcamp is preparing the usb drive, MacBook Air crashed. When reboot, it will become frozen in the middle of loading bar. I thought it crashed the SSD but SSD is fine. The next thing I heard is the dreadful 3 beep, ie. memory error and the screen displays some funny corrupted graphics and becomes frozen.. Now it cant be fixed using Internet Recovery and It won’t finish Apple Hardware Test. Reset SMC, PRAM, reboot from external drive, I tried them all.

    Maybe my Mac is vintage, time to go, but I kind of suspect Bootcamp somehow overwritten something non-volatile memory related to the main memory and Integrated Graphics’s shared memory and caused the problem.

    This Mac has been so good for 7 years ago ( 500G SSD upgrade 3 years ago). It sad to let it go. It reminds me how not to take it for granted what we read online these day. Especially following instructions or idea from random posts.

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