Re: i7 cpu new builds, what are cpu temps at default frequecy settings?

By pisono ·
Folks, Have two new rebuilds. First I7 2600k w giga M/B h67 and second i7 2500k w/ giga z68 M/B. The 2600k cpu default idle temp is 37^C and the 2500k default idle temp is 48^C. Both have Corsair 430w psu's. Reseated the 2500k to ensure proper connection which made no difference. Should I be concerned about the temperature discrepancy? Any Suggestions? Any and all are appreciated.

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RE:- Should I be concerned about the temperature discrepancy?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Re: i7 cpu new builds, wh ...

No you shouldn't be concerned they are on different Chip Set M'Boards and the difference is very minimal to say the least.

There are numerous things that can cause a different temperature in different computers in the same room the most likely being different cases with different Air Flow through them down to different Chip Set M'Boards that generate heat on different parts of the M'Board which can alter the CPU Temp.

And while Gigabyte M'Boards are great different temp Sensors can give different readings which may not necessarily be 100% correct.


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obviously depends on the circumstances

by .Martin. In reply to Re: i7 cpu new builds, wh ...

as OH said, it does really vary between mobos and cases. room temperature can also play an effect on the temp.

If you have reseated the CPU, use the right amount of thermal compound, there are no worries.

my (first gen) i7 usually idles at about 40^C to 50^C (and that is in a case with lots of airflow)

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Reponse To Answer

by pisono In reply to obviously depends on the ...

Thanks to both, Seems I worry about the mundane too much

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