Re-image Compaq V6000 with Vista

By miekemw ·
What is the best method to reimage a v6000 while keeping Vista on it if I don't have a Vista CD? I have a XP CD but it seems like there are ways to wipe the machine and put vista on it still without a disc. HELP!

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Did It Come With Vista

by TheChas In reply to Re-image Compaq V6000 wit ...

The first question is did this laptop come with Vista installed?

If so, this HP page might help.

Basically, if there is a recovery partition on the hard drive, you can recover the original configuration without a Windows CD.

If there is not a recovery partition, or you wish to use a different version of Windows than shipped on the PC, you need an OS disk.


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It came with Vista- creating the discs wasn't working

by miekemw In reply to Did It Come With Vista

I guess I'll just have to keep trying, that website is very helpful, thanks. I tried to make the recovery disc and it wouldn't write to the CD-R. So, I just have to keep trying! Thanks for the info though!

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wasn't working

by balge In reply to It came with Vista- creat ...

do you mean the writer failed or the system wouldn't allow you to make the disks? plus you need a DVD for Vista just won't fit on a CD

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re: Would not write to CD-R

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to It came with Vista- creat ...

If you don't have a drive that is capable of writing, it can't write to it. CD-R is a read only drive. Are you sure you don't have a CD-RW drive?

What errors do you get when it attempts to write the recovery disks?

edited to add: oh yeah, like previously stated, you need a DVD-RW to create Vista disks.

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by miekemw In reply to re: Would not write to CD ...

All they have is a DVD-R, will that work? I'm in a very rural location at my family's place so I'm sorta stuck with what they have available. They only have CD-R and DVD-R, no RWs.

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DVD-R is fine

by balge In reply to DVD-R

yes thats fine

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by miekemw In reply to DVD-R

The error I get when I try to create the disc, even on DVD-R, says "cannot create discs. the recovery partition could not be found. Exit PC recovery disc creator and contact support"

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by balge In reply to error

I think you should get HP to send you a disk, see here -

then try and sort out the recovery partition.
can you access the recovey partition btw?
Then we can find out what you wanted with the XP disk you mentioned in the first place

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ordering discs

by miekemw In reply to HP

so on that website it says that if the computer is a couple of years old HP probably won't be able to supply the discs... this laptop is at least 3 years old. I tried just burning files to the CD R, just to test it to see if the drive even burns. It sat and "formatted" for a long time and then finally said that the disc could not be formatted, could it be the drive itself? It says RW, disc complete, and DVD multi recorder on it, so I assumed that it wouldn't matter if the disc was R or RW

I mentioned XP earlier because I DO have XP discs, so I could just wipe the laptop and put XP on it, but since he's had Vista the whole time, I would like to keep it that way if possible.

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ordering disks

by balge In reply to error

if it was originally Vista it cant be that old, was only released '07? shouldn't be a problem
DVD-RW - are you sure the drive is DVD-RW compatible at all? doesn't sound like it..
have you tried to accesss the recovery partition?(F11 during boot)

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