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    Re-install of AD


    by colin.tordale ·

    Our AD server took a dump on us (hard drive crashed). Got a new drive in the server, reinstalled windows, DNS and AD. Got all the users back into AD. When logging into my Terminal Servers from the console, I get an error “Can’t connect. MyCompay not found” (or something like that, can’t remember the specific wording).

    Do you think I have something wrong in DNS? or…??

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      by bart777 ·

      In reply to Re-install of AD

      If you reinstalled AD from scratch then you might try moving the Terminal server to a workgroup and re-adding it to the new domain. This should allow you to connect again. Also run thru the event log on the TS and see what kind of errors you have. I would bet that the server cannot find an AD server to connect to. If the new AD server was built from scratch and not recovered from backup, and the machine has the same name that it had prior to the crash your TS is confused due to the servers ne SID.

      Hope this helps.

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      Reply To: Re-install of AD

      by colin.tordale ·

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      i did change the servers from domain to workgroup and back to domain. now we are able to login..thanks.

      we had an application running on our TS servers and on one of the TS servers, i can log into the app no problem logged in as Admin but get a Permission denied error when logged in as any other user. The user i was testing is in the Admin group. Any ideas? (Works great on the other TS server).

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