Re install of windows XP

By carlctat ·
I have taken the drastic action of wiping my laptop clean and starting again, but when i tried to reinstall windows xp, when it comes to the part when you have to type in your product key number then about 4 letters on the keyboard which now strangely do not work, with the B and the W being in my key number, i can not reinstall.....why do only these letters now not work....any ideas on how i can get my laptop working?

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by Jesus_C In reply to Re install of windows XP

Shift and scroll lock
Shift and numlock
Your bios might have these turned on as default

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by carlctat In reply to Try

tried the num lock and scroll lock - but that did not work, gonna have to try and get and external keyboard from somewhere - how do i know what setting to put the bios at for this?

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There should be a

by Jesus_C In reply to Thanks

power managment option in the bios and you need to increase the settings.The best way is through trial and error unfortunately.But just plugging it in first and if it does freeze then just change your bios to optimal settings which should work out.

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power management

by carlctat In reply to There should be a

I am in my bios set up now, can not find where power management is, I only have settings of Main, Advanced, Security, Boot & Exit, and i can not find power management in any of the sub menus, cheers

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external keyboard

by 3xp3rt In reply to Re install of windows XP

Try to connect to your laptop a PS2 or USB keyboard.

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by carlctat In reply to external keyboard

I will try this when I can get hold of an external keyboard, its only w, b & N not functioning.

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by Jesus_C In reply to Re install of windows XP

you try an external keyboard,make sure the power managment in the bios is set up to take it or your laptop will freeze or blue screen crash during installation

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