Re-install WinXP Home

By vbcodr ·
I had to do a fresh install on an Acer Aspire. I used an OEM CD and the customer's cd key on the side of the box. When I tried to activate, I got an invalid CD key message. I called the activate by phone number and was told it should work with the cd key. They couldn't help any further. The computer was purchased from The Source with XP preinstalled. Anyone have any suggestions? No modifications were made to the computer. Everything is original.

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Well at a guess

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Re-install WinXP Home

The Acer used a different version of Windows than what you used and that is the problem that you have run into here.

The M$ Activation Center should have refereed you onto the Help Section and they could either have forced a Activation or you'll have to reinstall using a different Install media.

If you can get your hands on a Acer Recovery Disc you don't need to enter a Product Key during the install or you could change the Product Key using something like Magic Jelly Bean's Key Finder

And use a different Product Key.


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OEM on the box

by zlitocook In reply to Re-install WinXP Home

Companies big and small use the same OEM on all computers shipped. The OEM on the box does not recognize the hardware on the computer,
When you call first level help they are usually in a third world country and go by a script. And if you do not meet what they have, you are not an approved customer or you are a pirate. If you can boot the computer use the magic jellybean to find the OEM, if not.
Do not search for a key for your computer; you will just get a virus or malware. Ask around for help, with a friend or other computer people to help you install XP.
I am not telling you to install what MS tells you not to just to get what your customer paid for.

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For Future Reference:

by 1bn0 In reply to Re-install WinXP Home

Most current brand name coputers come with a utility to let you burn recovery cd from the computer.

I make these for every machine my clients purchase.

Some come as an .iso image on the hard drive and can be recovered using an external hdd adapter. On certain models this is stored on a hidden partition. If the machine had a hidde utility partiton and it was not deleted when you re-installed you may be able to recover the original load to be re-installed.

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