re-installed windows xp -- now have no network connections

By xorubyslippers ·
I recently re-installed Windows XP because of long-term problems that made it necessary. When everything was complete I tried to access the internet, but it was unavaliable. I called internet provider and they came out, apparently there is nothing under "network connections" although the comptuer is connected to the router, etc. and all other computers in the house have internet connection. He said that he couldn't fix it, but that I could using the CDs, reinstalling windows, etc. so I tried re-installing again and doing what he said - setting up the internet connection when promted in the reinstall, but it said it couldn't set one up because there was no dial tone. How can I fix the network connections on that computer? It's a dell if that makes a difference.

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First thing to see...

by tonylewis In reply to re-installed windows xp - ...

Does your network card (NIC) show up in Device Manager and if so, does it show that it's working properly when you look at its properties? If not, you need to install the drivers for your NIC which you should be able to get from the Dell website.

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lost network connections and properties

by Efair158 In reply to First thing to see...

I recently ran accross this problem. No network properties showed up and nothing in devices. As far as I can tell the problem is with the on board chip that controls this function. I tried a restore and that didn't work. I tried to reinstall network services and TCP/IP and that didn't work. Nothing shows up in the device manager for either card or modem. I added a new NIC card and it has one on the motherboard, still nothing. Sorry to say but it looks like there is no saving it. I was told your best bet is to buy a new system or spend the money on a new board, processor, memory. Which can sometimes lead to the same as a new computer.
If anybody finds a fix for this problem that I couldn't find please let me know.

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First things first

by Mayhem1969 In reply to re-installed windows xp - ...

You mention a network and talk about other computers in your house. Is this computer the gateway computer responsible for internet connection and the others client computers that access the network through it? How do you connect to the internet? It is hard to tell from your post.

If this is the gateway computer, you will need to reset your network. That is run the xp setup disk in windows and select "establish home network" or "other task" I am not 100% sure. XP will provide you with prompts to set up your network. Then run the xp disk on the other computers to set up those on the network connecting through this one. A network setup is not necessarily the same as internet connection.

You may also need to set up the router on this computer. You should have a cd that came with the router to install. If this is a client computer, you will need to run the router cd on this computer to set up permissions to access network resources.

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