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In recent time i have been facing and still facing the problem of loosing my work on drive C i.e the default drive which houses windows. This comes when for example, a virus corrupts one of the files and the computer fails to boot, so in the process it necessitates a fresh copy of XP, but then i have my valuable work i don't want to loose.

My concern is how can i do it without loosing my work and at the same time intalled a fresh copy of XP.


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re: Backing up your work

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to RE-INSTALLING A FRESH COP ...

You don't do a data save at the same time that you install XP. You should be making regular back-ups of your valuable work ALL the time, day after day if necessary, placing copies of your valuable work on removable media (CD/DVD). Then, if you catch a nasty bug, you won't loose anything except the stuff you've created/edited since the last back-up.

And, you don't necessarily need to destroy the drive in order to put a fresh copy of XP on it. There is a way to do a non-destructive repair rather than a "fresh" install.

But, then again, if you're catching viruses on a regular basis and need to do the install so often, a fresh install would be advised.

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Re-installing a fresh copy

by Triathlete1981 In reply to re: Backing up your work

Just like thumbsup says, you could try a repair of XP without losing your data. If you're getting bugs all the time, do you have an up-to-date anti-virus program?

You could always back up the individual files on a removable hard drive or CD/DVD and then reinstall the operating system. Viruses usually reside in programs rather than storage places like My Documents.

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You really need to Backup All your Data Regularly

by The Master2 In reply to RE-INSTALLING A FRESH COP ...

A Infection is mild compared to what can happen and it's quite possible to have a Hardware Failure that necessitates replacing a HDD and loosing all your Data unless you are willing to spend the $ involved in recovering the Data. The last 20 GIG HDD that I had to have a urgent Recovery Done on had failed and there was no backup so it cost the company concerned 46K for a Overnight Recovery on a Dead HDD. Yes it really costs that much if not more depending on the arraignment that you have with the Recovery House and how fast you need to recovery.

As for installing Windows without loosing your Data anything that doesn't involve a Format will do but there are some exceptions. If you are using XP Pro and have Windows File Encryption enabled you need to perform constant Backup of not only the Data but the Encryption Key as well. If you have WFE enabled any install of XP will delete the Encryption Key and your Data will be lost or unreadable and very expensive to recover.

As far as backups go they can be as simple as saving to a CD R or DVD R of some description but there is a Proviso here if you are saving Pictures Kodak recommends that you do not keep any CD containing pictures for longer than 5 years without making another copy. The CD will start to degraded at the period of time under the right storage conditions. Shorter if you don't look after them.

This article from the M$ Knowledge Base tells you how to backup the Encryption Key in XP Pro

This will tell you how to do a In Place Install of XP

How to recover from a Corrupt Registry that prevents XP from Starting

How to take ownership of your files

If you need anything more from M$ you can do a search in their Knowledge Base by typing in your search in any of the above links.


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Really? Degredation? Interesting!

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to You really need to [i]Bac ...

This is the first time I've ever heard of degredation on a CD. We all knew the magnetic media degraded over time, but now we're told the CD media does too? Do they say if it's due to atmospheric quality? Smoke/frying oils in the air? Does cleaning the CD regularly help prevent degradation? Or, is this just Kodak making claims so that you purchase more media/negatives from them?

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As this only applies to recorded CD's

by OH Smeg In reply to Really? Degredation? In ...

I would tend to believe them as the Dye Layer is able to be contacted and scratched and therefore damaged.

When I first heard this I was immediately thinking great idea to sell more Blanks but then I looked at them and the way that they are made. After realising the direct Sunlight can destroy the Media and all the DATA on it the idea makes a lot of sense to me at least. And continuing along from that the same should apply to DVD Blanks as well.

Incidentally here the CSIRO is asking members of the public to send then damaged Music CD's as they are studying a fungus that attacks Pressed CD's. Seems that there is some fungus that destroys many manufactured CD's and this is becoming a real problem for many. Looks like Vinyl still has a lot going for it.


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get a partioning software


repartition your drive into 2 primary partitions.

install XP on the second partition , you can dual boot.

Then you can move files to the other partition, when done, use the partitioning software to delete the first partition.

ideally, if you have the O/S on one partition and the documents on another, you can reinstall the O/s to the O/S partition without losing documents. this method has been around for quite a while now [remember doing this back in the early 90s with W9X].

but all this doesn't mitigate the need for backing up data either on removable media or making images of your drive.

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good advise from CGIT

by setantapc In reply to get a partioning software

I agree with the last poster.
Providing proper backups are done, and the hard drive doesn't actually kill itself, having the Operating system on one partition and data on a seperate partition makes a reinstall simplicity itself.

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re: PM from the original poster

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to RE-INSTALLING A FRESH COP ...

Hey Prince,

Thank you for the very nice PM. I was glad to help. But, please don't use the PM's to tell us when we've posted something that helped you. Everyone else who reads this forum needs to know about each and every post that was helpful. In the future, post your reply here in the forum please.

Now, in the PM you also asked yet another question concerning a print problem for one of your customers. We, here at TR, don't answer questions through email. Please submit a new question here in the forum for this new topic.

Thank you.

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No format, non-destructive re-install is possible.

by deepsand In reply to RE-INSTALLING A FRESH COP ...

While this method is not absolutely guaranteed to work in every case, it is generally successful; see

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