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Re-Installing Win 95

By wayneinreno ·
I recently had to figure out how to put in a new bios password so I could access this machine that was given to me. Now I want to installl Win95. I have a start up disk that is for a different pack bell computer. Can I use this? Everytime I attepmt to run it the system is telling me there in no O.S.when I reboot.It will not let me install. It keeps saying I do not have room on drive "c" Any Suggestions?

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Posible answer

by Jetpack908 In reply to Re-Installing Win 95

Try looking in to you bios to see witch drive is set be the boot drive, and if not then set it to drive [A] and then drive[C]
Your computer tryes to boot from your hard drive and if you have formated it it is empty and will need you to fdisk it to have restored it's partition, BUT you have to set up you hard disk in the bios FIRST!!!! this it very importent that you do this first or you computer do'n know your harddisk detail, some help is ther since nost bios support the AUTO detect funktion,witch meens that it automaticly detect the detail of your harddisk

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Restore disk?

by TimMitchell In reply to Re-Installing Win 95

From your message, I assume that the computer has not booted into any operating system since you got it? You say that the startup disk is from a different computer... if it's a restore disk, it probably won't work unless it's the disk that came with that computer (or an identical model). The restore disk checks the BIOS and/or the hardware signature to make sure that you're not using a Compaq disk on a Dell computer (or some combination thereof). If it's not the correct disk, it can give you some goofy errors, including an out-of-space disk error.

Another possible cause is that the computer does not have a large enough fixed disk to load Windows, and the error you're receiving is a Windows error indicating such. Do this... boot to a command-line prompt by using a floppy (the floppy disk that comes with Windows will work fine). Format the disk by typing a:/format c: /s (this is assuming that you have nothing on the PC that means anything to you. It will ask you if you're sure; type yes and enter. After the disk if formatted, it will report the amount of free space on the disk at the bottom of the list. That should give you an idea of how much disk space the PC actually has. You'll need about 400mb to load Windows 9x, so if you see a free space number of less than 400,000,000 then you'll need a larger HDD.

Good luck!

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