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Re-installing Windows XP

By phunter ·
I am trying to re-install Windows XP on a 3 yr old Dell using the manufacturer (Dell) reinstallation cd. I have formatted the hard drive (wanted to start with clean hard drive)to do this. The error messages that were given prior to me doing all of this were 'memory write and read failure at 06777E64, Read 98' and a bunch of other numbers. Also something else about available memory decreased at shell32.dll
So, I am trying to re-install after formatting the hard drive and I keep getting errors from the XP installation files stating 'cannot copy shell32.dll' and a ton of other files. Any ideas?? hard drive gone bad?? would the installation cd even be recognized if a bad hard drive?? THanks much for any assistance

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by wcp In reply to Re-installing Windows XP

This is most likely due to faulty RAM(s). It could be due to bad installation CD, CD-ROM, or CPU but typically this tends to produce an error message regarding to a single file.

Replace the RAMs one at a time to isolate the bad one(s).

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by Blackcurrant In reply to Re-installing Windows XP


After checking your memory, you should also test your hard drive for errors. In your second paragraph you state that the XP installation program cannot copy certain files - this could be due to a faulty HDD.

Good luck

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by pggoodwin In reply to Re-installing Windows XP

It is a hard drive problem. Find the manufacturer. Download their testing software. Test the drive...

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by CompZone9 In reply to Re-installing Windows XP

It is bad memory. If you have more than one stick, remove all but one, then try again and if still get errors, go to next one, and so on. I've worked on two systems in the last 3 months with the same identical problems you are mentioning and after replacing everything and still not working, replacing the memory fixed it in both cases. When setup starts, it uses system memory such that anything not perfect with the memory and timing will cause errors. Remember, it extracts files in memory, then places them on the hard drive.

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reinstallation cd NOT WIN XP OS

by ntjr3 In reply to Re-installing Windows XP

Your reinstallation cd is NOT a installation cd, it's a start up disc for recovery ONLY!

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