Re-partition Windows Server 2003 harddrive

By ejkolkman ·
I need to re-partition the harddrive of a Server 2003 box, preferably without re-formatting. It is the DC, file server, print server, and application server. A previous administrator divided the drive into multiple partitions, the C partition being one of the smallest. I have access to Partition Magic 8, but that will not install on the server. I've tried to wait for a replacement from corporate, but I'm running out of time and space.

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by Jellimonsta In reply to Re-partition Windows Serv ...

You will need to have the free space, and time to down the server. Check out...

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Successfully Repartition Server - Detailed Tutorial

by Saraline In reply to Diskpart

There is no need to reboot the server which means you don't need to down the server. All the process is fully protected with the copy features to backup data.

Here is the sulution:

To protect data:

BTW, RADI and dynamic disk is also supported.

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Successful experience to repartition windows server

by Techrepublicer In reply to Diskpart

Only when there is unallocated space behind a partition, you can extend it with diskpart.exe, as Diskpart cannot "move" space.

Nowadays, there are many third-party partition tools for Windows server. You just need to drag and move on the disk map, very easy.

Some tools have "hot resize" feature, if your system partition is ntfs, you can extend it without rebooting, so no server downtime.

See how to repartition windows server

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Zombie Alert!!!

by Mehul Bhai In reply to Successful experience to ...

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Re-partition Windows Server 2003 tool

by 41991437 In reply to Re-partition Windows Serv ...

Partition Magic 8 does not support the server,you can have a try of EASEUS Partition Manager Server Edition.You can download a demo from this website: this can help you:)

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partititon tools

by 41991437 In reply to Re-partition Windows Serv ...
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Try partition magic alternative

by longtail In reply to Re-partition Windows Serv ...

Yes, partition magic doesn't support win server 2003 and it has not been upgraded for such a long time. but you may try its alternatives.

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by Gordonrusy In reply to Try partition magic alter ...

thanks for the excellent explanation

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Repartition Server drive without reboot computer, very easy!

by smartsupper In reply to Re-partition Windows Serv ...

Hi, I just solved this problem, I understand now how easy it is to resize partitions!
I found the similar post on techrepublic, too.;leftCol

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