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By deon ·
Thank you for your effort in trying to help. Unfortunately Belarc is not quite what I am looking for. It does give you great detail but in some cases it is very difficult to do the scan because of the age of these mashines. If there is something else that I can use that works more or less like the PC Docotr form IT Department then it would be great. I need someting that I can use a Floppy Disk, scan the PC, and afterwards put the data file onto 1 pc with the programm installed onto it and extract the info from it.


Thank you

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My name is Deon Vermeulen. I am the IT Officer for the Biggest Motoring Company in Namibia. This is a company that has a lot of money but every 1 cent that they can safe they will do it. I am very frustrated due to this fact because we have a lot of old PC's, printers and even Servers. I urgently need help.
I need a program or scanning software that scans your pc and gives you the status of all your hardware and software, Ex: Hardrive, CPU, Memory, etc, status on OS, Software installed, etc. This should be somethig simmilar to the Pc Doctor that IT Department uses. I need something that I can do sort of an Audit to design an IT Inventory of the network Pc's, printers, etc. This will mainly serf as something that I can use so that all the old crap can be thrown out and let them get the new stuff. I have done a search on the net but can not find anything. Could someone please HELP????



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by jschein In reply to Re: Pc Hardware and Softw ...

Emco software

St. bernard software - Update Expert

It's ALL over the web, just look

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by CG IT In reply to Re: Pc Hardware and Softw ...


Theres PCwiz PC Diagnostic software from

Note: You might find old versions of SisSoftware that would work with old 286 machines. don't know about old 8086 8088 .

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by CG IT In reply to

if you are running a W2K / W2003 AD based network theres Microsoft's System Manangment Server.

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by TheChas In reply to Re: Pc Hardware and Softw ...

One other problem with the free version of Belarc, is that by the EULA, you may ONLY use Belarc on a personal computer. No business or corporate use is allowed.

Normally, I would start by directing you ti AIDA32. However, the web-site is gone, and all development has stopped.
You might still be able to find AIDA on some free-ware and download sites.

Here is my remaining list of inventory software:
(Tools that Microsoft Product support uses.)
(open source software)

Remove any spaces from the pasted links.


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