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Re: "Close Encounters..."

By whatmeworry2011 ·
Hi Geeks,

Could someone please tell me how to view the first answer to my question? There was this guy who had posted the first answer before Chas (you're the man, bro!). Also, please tell me what should I do for the guys who have answered my query.

On the lighter side: Remember the "Seinfeld" episode where the fat guy was being robbed and our four worthies just stood by and made fun of him? Hilarious! Man, that really killed me. The first time, I had laughed my *** out! Even now, whenever I remember it, I go Ha! Ha! Ha! Man, I swear, that's comedy!


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First Answer

by TheChas In reply to Re: "Close Encounters..."

If the first answer no longer shows up odds are that either the user pulled it, or it was flagged as SPAM.

Although, TR does loose postings from time to time.

As to what to do for those who post answers?
If the answer helps you, give it a "+" vote.
If an answer does not help you you can post a comment to the answer and if you believe the answer is wrong, give it a "-" mark.


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Do you mean you can't find your other post?

by seanferd In reply to Re: "Close Encounters..."

Click on your name under your post, or use you account functions from the blue bar at the top to view your recent discussions.

What should you do for people who answer? Give the post a vote up? Buy them beer?

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