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RE: Recovery of data!

By jldd21 ·
Is there any way to recover data from hard-disk? We have lost all files and documents, plus backup and System Restore! We suffered massive Compute Crash on Win XP-SP3. After using Manufacturer's CD Recovery disc, we have got everything back in business. Still have no access to data and files, documents and pictures. Is there a free download that can enable recovery of all data and files.
We have located Magic Cute download, but do not wish to purchase their CD download ~if there is a practicable program available through Tech Republic! Please notify if there is a alternative. Thanks in advance.
Jerry Robertson(

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Well first things first edit this post and remove your E Mail Address

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to RE: Recovery of data!

TR is a Public Forum and as such is subject to all of the Bots that roam the net looking for E Mail addresses.

As for Data Recover that's easy yes there are several but you need the Disc untouched as you run the risk of Overwriting the existing Data and making it more expensive to recover.

All Data Recovery Software takes time and needs to be used in specific ways. You can not load a corrupt HDD and then recover it you need to attach that corrupt HDD to another computer scan it and save any recovered Data to a different HDD so there is no chance of overwriting any of your Data.

For a free application you can try Recuver here

However what you are really asking about is a HDD Recovery Application and these are Pay for Applications. Things like the On Track Data Recovery Software can rebuild a HDD very quickly in most cases but it's not the cheapest option available it is however very fast and worth the price when you consider that running a full scan on a 80 GIG HDD which today is very small and unlikely to be commonly used can take several days a 15 minute rebuild saves a lot of time and money but that is not possible on a HDD that you have loaded after a crash.

To recover data on any Reloaded HDD you really need a Forensic Recovery program and here it all depends on how Important the data actually is. If it's Important you should send the drive to a Specialist Data Recovery House and pay them to recover the drive. However if it would just be Nice to get the data back you can attack the drive all you like but you need to understand the more you attack it the less likely you are to be successful and the more that it's going to cost to pay a professional to do and even then the chances of a 100% recovery are reduced the more that you mess with it.

The reality is that HDD are cheap even right now so if you have Important Data you should remove it replace it with a new one and then do what is required by your level to recover what you can for the price that the business is willing to pay.

However if you can see the Data Folders but not access them all you need do is log in as Admin and take Ownership of them try following the directions here. You may have to unhide Hidden Folders to see if they are there though.


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Re: Recovery of data!

by Transend In reply to RE: Recovery of data!

Kernel for Windows Recovery not only recovers lost, inaccessible, corrupt files but also provides with several setting options such as find files, file filter, recovery snapshot etc. User-friendly, interactive easy to use screens make this tool a must have in case of local disk crashes. The tool is capable to retrieve recently as well as data deleted a long time ago. It supports FAT16, FAT32, NTFS and NTFS5 file systems and SATA, PEN, ZIP, IDE, EIDE, SCSI, USB drives.
for more details -

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