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RE: Seriously...? and RE: This is an old argument

By dcolbert Contributor ·
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Unable to Private Message You...

by dcolbert Contributor In reply to RE: Seriously...? and RE: ...

But I'd hope you noticed that by the time you posted this last response, I had abandoned this thread. It was hijacked and quickly became beyond salvation. You've understood the thread completely, including the head-line of the original post. If you would like a fuller explanation of my perspective of what went wrong here, I am very easy to get a hold of and would be glad to elaborate. I appreciate your contributions and insights in my thread - I am sorry that your experience in the forum was less than satisfactory.

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Dude, 'Take Offline'?

by CharlieSpencer In reply to RE: Seriously...? and RE: ...
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Did you see that thread?!?

by dcolbert Contributor In reply to Dude, 'Take Offline'?

I'm done with it. Turning over a new leaf for 2012...

Not really... but not going to play in the acid-bath with the other bad-kids of TR, at any rate - and that thread was full of all the juvenile delinquents your mother warned you never to play with.

I was really interested in discussing the implications of the bio-modified Bird flu more than getting caught up on Linux - too... but c'est la vie.

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Well actually I thought that the idea

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Did you see that thread?! ...

To what is effectively Weaponise the Bird Fly Virus was a incredibly stupid thing to do.

I'm wondering why it was done and much more importantly who paid to have it done.

After all the Genetic Engineering Involved isn't something that could be done on Mum's Kitchen Table so it's complex, requires special equipment and knowledge and to me seemed a pointless exercise.

Unless of course it was something done to make a weapon and the crowd involved couldn't make a Cure so they are asking everyone and their dog to help them fix the mess that they have made.

The H1N1 Virus is nasty to begin with and changes all to quickly by itself so why would anyone want to help it?


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Nothing so ominous

by AnsuGisalas In reply to Well actually I thought t ...

It hasn't been reported that it has been weaponized, that would take a lot more than this basic research.
This, I believe, was an experiment of simple threat assessment: After all; disease countermeasures are expensive on a societal level, scientists have to be able to tell heads of state that "Oh, yeah, this one is worth it".

So these guys poked the H1N1 with a stick, to see how angry it could get, and how quick.
It got real angry, real quick : so now they can have some attention when the next outbreak comes.

I don't think they actually need to keep live specimens of the various mutated strains; they just need to sequence their DNA so they can make a test-kit for finding out how close a natural outbreak is to "perfect storm".

This is all worth doing. Just like the people with honey pot labs, trying to catch new vectors and payload types.

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Actually what I sais was Effectively Weaponise

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Nothing so ominous

What's stopping the H1N1 Virus at the moment is the fact that it's not all that easily transmitted so there are yearly outbreaks particularly in Asia that are devastating but fairly limited in size and the local Caged Birds are all but exterminated when these outbreaks occur.

With the GE Strain of the Virus it's effectively a Weapon and that is what I find concerning. Even if all forms of that Mutation is destroyed it's still known that it can be made and as has already been said it's Impossible to Stuff the Genie back in the Bottle after it's let out so the danger now is far more present that it was before this was developed.

Sure I agree it needs a Vaccine or some form of treatment developed but developing this particular strain was still a silly thing to do no matter the reasons behind it. :0

Currently with the known outbreaks of this Virus over the past years we know how devastating it is we don't need to improve it ourselves. The same as the Variation of TB currently circulating in Papua & New Guinea it's nasty and far more devastating that we have seen previously and with the Poor Treatment Regimes in P&G it's fast developing a resistance to the drugs we use to treat it.

Or the Hendra Virus currently in Queensland & Northern NSW. It's downright nasty, very fatal to most who catch it always bad news for Horses in the area and no known treatment yet though there is talk of a Vaccine this year maybe. You don't want to poke those things with a stick to see just how bad they can get even the Bureaucrats have to accept that they are really bad as they are we don't need to help them along.

Computer Modelling if they Mutate to certain Transmission Vectors are acceptable and even necessary but actually making the thing that way isn't.


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In my book, weaponization requires a trigger.

by AnsuGisalas In reply to Actually what I sais was ...

Without a high-category lab, this is going to be like a font of nitroglycerin: no trigger, just inevitable spontaneous detonation.
To weaponize this, to create it in a form that can be released, or not released, at will... that's going to be extremely difficult.

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What you mean like a Aerosol Can

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to In my book, weaponization ...

As used in the 12 Monkeys Movie?

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Not a normal one, no...

by AnsuGisalas In reply to In my book, weaponization ...

If you have to get a large amount of viable (very very hard to verifiably do), powder-form (very very very hard to do) viral agent, which doesn't leak out before the trigger is pulled (very very very hard to do)... then you need an extremely advanced facility.

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Effectively Weaponized

by dcolbert Contributor In reply to In my book, weaponization ...

As Hal pointed out...

It is effectively weaponized the minute it was engineered.

The delivery mechanism is easy. You engineer the mutated version, infect humans, and send them out with tickets hopping the globe. They're the delivery vector.

You're over-thinking this. I'm not talking about weaponization for traditional bio-chemical state-level warfare with time tables and attack strategies. I'm talking about a kid with a bag full of automatic weapons on a college campus spraying indiscriminately and with the idea that he isn't going to be walking away himself once he is done. Metaphorically speaking.

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