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    RE: Site Freezes


    by ohborges_da_silva ·

    A secure site works OK under a normal browser but the set-top box emulator freezes anytime the site is requested through
    the transcoder server running
    SSL 3.0, RC4 with 40 bit encryption (Low); RSA with 512 bit exchange and Valid from 14/07/99 to14/07/00

    Similar secure sites have been duplicated with the problems and they have worked OK however the differences between the Problematic Secure Site and the other two sites described above which work OK are

    1. These 2 secured sites working OK are suing vsn 3.0 of SSL whilst the aforementioned is using vsn 1

    2. These 2 secured sites working OK are using 1024 bit exchange (Public Key) whilst the problematic one is using 512 bit.

    The cert expiry dates on all three appear to be OK.

    Apart from upgrade to vsn 3 and 1024 bit Public Key for the problematic site, what else can be done to resolve or improve this implementation ?

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      RE: Site Freezes

      by insatiable ·

      In reply to RE: Site Freezes

      You don’t mention the platforms that the secure webservers are running on.
      It could be as simple as the permissions set on the webserver documents once the permission has been granted to the user and the SSL turned on.
      For instance:
      Netscape Enterprise Server running on Solaris 2.6. My unsecure webserver holds the url that people access first. Once they log in, it authenticates the user and moves them to the SSL server.
      If the document directory that the SSL server accesses doesn’t allow the world-readable to the .html or the directory, or elsewhere, at the Unix level, their browser would freeze.

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        RE: Site Freezes

        by ohborges_da_silva ·

        In reply to RE: Site Freezes

        Thanks for your e-mail. The problem has been resolved, it appears to stem from a certificate which appeared to be corrupted.
        The way around this was to relocate the process to another box.
        The client is happy.

        TJANK YOU>

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