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Re: TechRepublic's Free Offer gets my computer in trouble

By Roary37 ·
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I subscribe to Tech Newsletters. A few days ago it offered a free Registry Cleaner to tweek certain areas of Windows 7. I downloaded it and used it. It really messed up my computer. There are certain sites I can no longer get into. For example, one is my alternate e-mail which I had with As soon as I used the cleaner I could no longer get into that e-mail site. I have tried everything I know and still cannot access the site. So then how responsible is TechRepubli?. Can TechRepublic now show me how to reverse this situation?

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by cmiller5400 In reply to Re: TechRepublic's Free O ...

I'd be willing to bet if you actually read the newsletter and/or license agreement, somewhere it will state in legalese that they are not responsible for any damages whatsoever, issues, problems blah, blah, blah.

As for your PC, running a registry cleaner is a craps shoot. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. You lost on the dice roll this time. Sorry. Hope you made a backup of your system like most all the programs recommend...

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Try System Restore...

Most of these registry cleaners at least create a restore point prior to making
changes. Simply choose a restore point prior to the time you ran the registry
cleaner. In the future, take my advice, forget about registry cleaners in general.
They regularly fail to deliver on promises of speeding your system, and as you
can bear witness, can result in loss of needed functionality. The ONLY time I
recommend using one is after cleaning up from a malware infection, and then
review the changes the registry cleaner proposes.

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But in this case it most likely did speed up the system

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Try System Restore...

I just stopped some of the crap that this user wanted to use working.

Typical of Registry Cleaners as it's a common assumption that a script knows best over the person who installed whatever is being used. :^0

But I have to agree with the above if you use any form of Registry Cleaner expect it to -Stuff Up Your System. You got what you deserved by using the wrong tool for the job and attempting to get something for nothing.


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by seanferd In reply to But in this case it most ...

removed bad entries made by malware, which then broke things.

Happens all the time with malware removal, sometimes with registry cleaning. Backups are always a good idea.

So is contacting the vendor when there is a problem.

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