Re-using older PC2100 ram with PC3200

By cja_003 ·

Should I use PC2100 DDR in a newer computer with stock PC3200? I have two old 512mb chips from a recently disassembled computer (an emachine T4510)

I have another computer still in use (Emachine T6216) which has:

AMD Athlon? 64 3200+ Processor (with AMD 64 technology)(2GHz, 2000MHz system bus, 512KB L2 cache)
Motherboard MS-7207G 100
200mhz bus clock
Bios American Megatrends 080012 (11/15/2005)
384 MB installed memory recognized
DIMM 0 256mb (i think its PC3200)
DIMM 1 256mb
DIMM 2 empty
DIMM 3 empty

1. Why doesn't it currently recognize all the ram in it?

2. Can i fill the 2 more empty ram slots with the 512mb 2100 chips? I know they are slower--but for such a significant(and free) volume boost would it still be worth it?

3. Is this second computer better off with the current nForce?? 410 chipset with GeForce? 6100 GPU with up to 128MB of shared video memory, or should i install an older 128mb Geforce FX card that I have?

Thanks in advance!

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by ---TK--- In reply to Re-using older PC2100 ram ...

mixing 2100 and 3200 DDR ram will conflict, and cause programs to crash. Now if you had 2700 and 3200 DDR ram that would work, b/c 3200 is backwards compatible with 2700....

Also you can run it in duel channel which will speed up the bus to 400 MHz... nice speed boost.

you could always try the older card, and make a judgment call... What is the model?

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by cja_003 In reply to NO

Its a Gforce FX 5200, 128mb

If it frees up some of the original ram that might be worth it for that reason alone.


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I agree....

by ---TK--- In reply to Thanks

it will free up your ram. But it will not play any complex games.... just something to think about.

I would also double check and make sure you are running duel channel! that will make a big difference also.

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by tardcart In reply to Re-using older PC2100 ram ...

DDR is backwards compatible but not forward. It the PC came with PC3200 you need to put PC3200 or faster in it.

The reason you're only showing 384 is because of the shared video memory. Installing the video card will free up that memory.

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