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RE: Websense filtering

By AjayNegi ·
We have websense (TRITON) deployed in our environment as URL/content filtering solution. Currently I am facing one issue while access video on website i.e. http://www.websurg.com/. Mentioned site is categorized under ???health??? category which is allowed category in our environment. The issue appears whenever I give attempt to access any video attached in above mentioned website. It prompts an error:

Video not found or access denied:

Any idea why this error I am getting ?

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As this is a Charge per view site

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to RE: Websense filtering

It's likely to be associated with the way that they derive money per view.

So have you logged into the site with your correct details?

Or could all Video Content be blocked by your Filter. Remember that a Site may be safe but the Content is still blocked.


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Websense filtering

by AjayNegi In reply to RE: Websense filtering

Hi Col,

Is there is any way other then running wesense logserver to find out if the content are blocked or not.


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Reponse To Answer

by robo_dev In reply to Websense filtering

Two ways to do this. One is to look at the logs of the server and see what is being blocked for that user. The other way is to load up a packet-capture program like WireShark and see exactly what sites are being requested.

It is fairly common that a web site will host their video at something like Amazon cloud services, which would have to be explicitly allowed, if it's not already.

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Have you paid your bill?

by a.portman In reply to RE: Websense filtering

It is possible that your subscription has expired. The video may be kicking you to a payment site that is blocked.

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There is no subscription required.

by AjayNegi In reply to RE: Websense filtering

I have tested the same in my LAB using direct internet connectivity and it is working fine , all the videos are accessible without any subscription.
Let me try with packet-capture.

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