Re Work Breakdown Structure

By anil.alpha ·
How do i evolve timelines for evolving a documentation for scripting a technical writing project.

Where can i get an example for this?

PS: This is the first time. Please reply in detail.

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Evolve = Develope?

by 1bn0 In reply to Re Work Breakdown Structu ...

Not to critcise. Just think thats the word your looking for.

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Maybe this will help...

by mbroadway In reply to Re Work Breakdown Structu ...

I'm not certain if this is going to be of any help to you or not, but I'll offer it just in case you can get any spark of an idea.

As a PM for marketing communications, my job was to schedule delivery of the finished piece. This involved copywriting, editing, proofing, sending it to compliance to make sure we weren't violating any legal requirements, then geting client approval or revisions, then making the changes if required, then sending it to the print vendor for printing and mailing. (Whew.)

I created an Excel spreadsheet with formulas for calculating the delivery date, based on the start date. I created a second spreadsheet that automatically populated today's date and worked forward to provide the delivery date and the milestones.

Basically, I had formulas that allowed a specific number of days for each deliverable mentioned above. Then I set it up to only calculate "work days" and I had a list of holidays that were not to be counted also.

I hope that helps. I'll see if I can find an example of it in my computer at home and I'd be happy to send it along for you to modify if you think it would work for you.


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You forgot to mention something important ....

by cutedeedle In reply to Maybe this will help...

..... The people doing the actual work. Always get them involved in detailing the tasks within the timeline, since they know their work and how long each task should take. Some people may pad it too much but with experience you'll learn how to sift that out. Without the worker bees' input it's only a nice schedule that may not be based in reality. Then you will be the one who looks bad because your estimates were off and the final product wasn't delivered on time! You also have to add about 25% contingency time for unexpected delays. People and families get sick, something "comes up" that takes priority over your project, people beg for time off and somehow get it -- if something can go wrong, it will. I know that sounds like a lot of "slack" but I've managed many large scale projects and that's what I always used to cover my, er, ah, um, assets.

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