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Reach a home network printer via WIFI ?

By OlivieDu ·
I got a Win98 desktop connected to Internet via ADSL and a printer is USB linked to it. I did enabled the sharing disk and printer service , so shared the printer.I can see it on the network neigborouh as I also see \My Document as I did share it to.IP adress is 192.168.a.b

I also have my new WinXP laptop, with a WIFI usbkey that allow me to share above Internet connection, as my ADSL box is Wifi enabled.i asked WinXP to join the same network, but even if the name are the same, they still seem independant...IP adress is 192.168.n.m

Question : how to print from my laptop ?

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There is not enough information to give a final answer here. Some thoughts:

1. I do what you are trying to do without any problem. So, it is an achievable goal. My configuration: Cable modem instead of DSL, connected to a Linksys WRT54G WiFi/Wired router. Some computers are connected by CAT5 to the router. Some computers are connected by WiFi to the router. The router enables any computer on either local network (wired, wirelesss) to interact with any other computer on either network. It also enables all of them to use the Internet.

2. In your case, the common network connection point is your ADSL box. There are two local networks, wired and wireless, and the Internet. It appears that your ADSL box is bridging/routing/switching such that the two local networks can talk to the Internet but not to each other. You need to find out if/how to configure your ADSL box for this. It may not be possible. Your Telco's interest may be just to get connection to the Internet and not to provide you with a router for local networking purposes.

3. Can you PING from your laptop to your desktop? If not then this is further evidence of this. If you can, then it would indicate some IP packet routing (the PING ICP packets) can get through. But, since you cannot print, some Windows networking TCP/IP traffic cannot.

Hope this helps you along...

-----Steve Jackson

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