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    reached maximum limit of netware conn


    by netdip ·

    how can i increase connection count of netware,
    there are two contexts

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      by pierrejamme ·

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      We need more information. If you are talking about licensed connections, NW6x and NW5x/NW4x have different licensing formats. which version are you using?
      In NW6 license can be placed in the Tree, so context is unimportant. However, you need a license for everyone that logs in, for example three people use computer A, you need three licenses even though only one is being used at a time. But, they can log into as many computers/servers as they want and each user will only take one license. Print Servers take a license if using a queue, but not if they are using iPrint.

      In older versions you need a license on each server that you are attached to for each login, so if Gary logins into three cmputers and uses two servers, he is taking six license.

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