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Reaction to MyTob Virus

By colin.bush ·
I know I am not supposed to post the same question twice in two separate topics but I didn't notice this topic the first time...


Quick question about attachment stripping...

At our messaging perimeter, We are currently stripping the MS recommended 46 attachment types (extensions) from inbound and outbound e-mail. We currently do not do deep inspection into compressed files looking for the 46 attachment types. With the release of the MYTob virus and it's frequently released variants, we are considering implementing this to mitigate the risk during the "window of vulnerability".

My question is how are other organizations handling the deep inspection into compressed files for attachment stripping? We are concerned about our user reaction to the implementation of this change. That being said, we are aware that user behaviour may have to change to ensure the security of the infrastructure.

2 years ago I used to read every message that came into my inbox........

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