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Read but not copy files.

By Tiffany2 ·
The non-technical owner of my company has signed a contract to provide retail images to a client of ours via a server with the entire library of images OFF-SITE at the clients office. I have been asked (told) to ask my constituents if anyone knows how to make it so a file can be read but not copied. Anyone have any ideas?

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Not possible,,, except

by LordInfidel In reply to Read but not copy files.

Once they have the images and they are looking at them via a regular file server, if they have read permissions to the image, they automatically have the ability to copy.

Copy is not a "enforcable" right thru permissions.

However, with some clever coding this can be done.

That is, someone would need to write a front end app that acts as a viewer to the files. And the files are stored in a database that can only be opened thru the viewer. And the viewer disables the copy function.

But that does not stop someone from taking a screen shot of the viewer and then cropping it in photoshop.

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Give it back

by zlitocook In reply to Read but not copy files.

To the person who contacted it.
Tell hem/her that if they supply programs via web/server they need to supply a way to not copy or let your users use it and not play around with it!
This is simple contact wise useage. I have been at many sites thathave all their programs on the server and can be copied by any one.

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Not possible, but some ideas

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Read but not copy files.

If they can see the file they canb make a copy. Even programs like Acrobat Reader which purports to lock down the data in a file and make it unchangeable can have the contents lifted by a simple cut and paste or screen shot.

Best you can do is get some software to embed digital signatures and copyrights in the images and documents (like a watermark). I have seen this done with a different signature embedded in the documents and images for each site and work group. Thus when something turns up where it shouldn't you can tell where it started from by which signature it has.

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