Read directory contents but not print

By betmck ·
I have a directory on the server that has several other directories and files. I want users to be able to only read the contents of the files in the directories but not be able to print. Could you assist me please?

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What server OS is this?

by seanferd In reply to Read directory contents b ...

We would really need to know in any hope of answering your question. All about file system privileges, though.

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Are you using...

by jfuller05 In reply to Read directory contents b ...

Windows Server? And if so, which version of Windows Server?
Also, Active Directory would come into play here.
Let me know if you're using Active Directory or not.

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This is Difficult

by mamies In reply to Read directory contents b ...

This is really hard to do because if they have read access to the drive they can even copy the file to their C: then print from their if need be.

If it for PDF's on the other hand you should be able to set some security on the PDF which will not allow them to print. So no matter where they take the file it will not allow them to print it unless they know the password to remove the security settings.

Not sure if the Microsoft Office Suite has the same kind of feature, never had the need to use it before.

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