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    Read Only access


    by yabarit ·

    We have added a new user to our domain and on the computer that she uses I was ask if we can give this user only read access to use his floppy drive, CD ROM, and zip drive. The Operating system that she is running is Wndows 2000 Professional. Can this be done.

    thanks a lot for you inputs,


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      Read Only access

      by brian ·

      In reply to Read Only access

      She probablly does not have group policy rights on the server or workstation.

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      Read Only access

      by erikdr ·

      In reply to Read Only access

      * CD ROM is kicking an open door, is ReadOnlyM by nature 🙂
      * For the floppy and ZIP, the problem is that the rights are assigned in ACL’s (Access Control Lists) which are physically on the removable medium itself. So you’d have to insert ZIPmedium A, with Explorer give R/O rights to this user (or better, the group she is in) and leave R/W rights for all others, and then repeat for medium B. With a brand new ZIP medium, default would still always be R/W even for her.
      * Whether the ACL trickworks for diskettes at all I don’t know.

      But maybe maybe there’s a W2K policy trick (and hence also Group Policy) which works easier in your case.

      At your service,

      – The Netherlands

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      Read Only access

      by r. a. caluste ·

      In reply to Read Only access

      CDrom is readonly by default.
      Floppy drives are Read/Write. It is always formatted in FAT (windows95+ file system, not windows 2000based) so there is no security options. However, you can set read-only access to the floppy drive in the BIOS settingif there is one (depends on your motherboard)
      Same thing with zip drive, I guess you can configure the zip drive at the BIOS level or its software.

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