Read Only File Attributes

By bletterman ·
I am looking for a script that will change the "read only" file attributes for every file in a specific folder?

Problem:After medical information is entered, I want to make sure it can not be changed. If I could append to it that wouold be even better but it appears the "APPEND" ATTRIBUTE DOES NOT WORK.

Thanks in Advance

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You can use the properties dialog box

by denmalley In reply to Read Only File Attributes

If you're talking windows - right-click on the folder, select properties. Click the read only checkbox, and click ok - it will prompt if you want to apply read only to all subfiles and directories. Note if some but not all of the files in the folder are read only, you'll see a grey checkmark in the read only box, in which case you'll have to click once to uncheck and again to recheck.

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Needs to run automatically

by bletterman In reply to You can use the propertie ...

I need this to be an automated process so that is why I am looking for a bat file or script to scan folder named "READ ONLY" and change every file *.* to read only.

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Not in all cases

by padre_ray In reply to You can use the propertie ...

Last week my MS Word 2002 changed my ability to change the attributes in the file properties. (The problem is in all Office 2002 programs) After I save a .doc, the archive box is checked and I cannot simply remove the archive check or enter yes to any of the other attributes.

This happened the same or about the same time my display color scheme changed. The white portion of the displays are now pink. The classic WIN XP blue and white is now blue and pink.

Thnk you for the assist.

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Possible automated solution

by EdLockett In reply to Read Only File Attributes

If this is really what you want to do, you could write a batch script using the ATTRIB command to change the file attributes and trigger this by a user click or through scheduled tasks.
See windows help : ATTRIB .
Bear in mind however, that any user can just as easily change the file attributes back and write / delete the file if they want to.
It would probably be a better idea to restrict access using file permissions (eg. NTFS) if this is available.
There is no such thing as an APPEND attribute.
Hope this helps,

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Thanks for attrib

by bletterman In reply to Possible automated soluti ...

I had forgotten about this command.
FYI- There is a "APPEND" attibute under properties/security/advanced but it does not work. After trying it, I went to Google and found pointless permissions

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