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By blkcamaross97 ·
One day windows decided to make all of my folders and files read only. This caused some major issues. I tried to virus scan the computer and it came up with nothing.
Reluctantly I reformatted the hard drive and reinstalled windows. The problem was still there.
I then took another hard drive and formatted that and installed windows. This did not solve the problem either. Now, not only is the computer setting all folders and files to read only, and resetting it to that if you try to make it not read only, the cpu is now going to 100% when you try to move an open window to the side. Any help with what to do would be great. Thank you in advance. Jason

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Did you try scanning for Spy Ware?

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to 'Read only issue' expande ...

You can download free the following and scan the system while running in Safe Mode

You'll need to download install and then update these programs then reboot into Safe Mode by pressing the F8 key during the POST and choosing Safe Mode then you can scan and remove any infections that you may have.

Remember Safe Mode is not safe to do anything but some basic Windows Maintenance it doesn't mean that it is safe to go on line or onto a Network and download things as there are only a minimum set of drivers installed & running so you run a far greater chance of infecting the machine if you do anything more than some basic Maintenance.

Also if you are logging on without Admin Privileges it's possible that all the files will be Read Only to your level of access.


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not yet

by blkcamaross97 In reply to Did you try scanning for ...

I have yet to try the spyware check, though could it really still be there when the hard drive has been reformatted? Also, the computer will not go online right now anyways due to the fact that it is not recognizing a few components.
I am also the only use of this pc and it doens't have any extra profiles, so it should be the admin that I log on as. I will try the spyware checkers this week, in between the upcoming exams. thank you for the suggestion.

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OK as you are the only user you should wipe the HDD

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to not yet

Before reinstalling Windows. A Format will only write to every third sector so you are leaving 2 thirds of the drive untouched and that can allow some nasties to carry over from previous installs. Use a utility like Boot & Nuke

To wipe the drive by writing zeros to every sector and don't use an Admin Password when you install XP. Also when you install XP this HDD will look like a new drive to the installer so chose the Format option not the Fast Format Option as that writes even less to the HDD and allows the actual drive not to necessarily work quite right. The size will sometimes be reported as wrong and you'll have a second partition on the drive that remains empty, it doesn't happen often but often enough to be annoying when it does.


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read only

by jamesatmaisonverre In reply to 'Read only issue' expande ...

It sounds like that you are installing a pro version of windows and the accounts that you are creating are by default being set to power user or less.If you boot the os into safe mode you can access an administrater account where you can set up a new account with admin privelages in your own name which will fix your problem as you will not be able to alter anything with your present account.

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xp home

by blkcamaross97 In reply to read only

The version of windows that I am installing is the XP Home edition. But, I will give that a try also.

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I'm Having the same problem

I'm having the same problem on a PC at work. Did you ever work out a way to fix it?

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