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    read users mail


    by dmiller ·

    I am the admin of excha ge and when people leave I am asked to read there mail to see if anyone has passed information that should not be passed. How can I as an admin, at my desk top look at the users mail box and see what is there, without going to the excahnge and giving myself rights or by changing the passwrd and logging on to the computer. At some time we may think someone is not behaving as they should and I would lke to see if the mail they are sn=ending is not code going out the door.

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      by sgt_shultz ·

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      by andymah ·

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      Assuming you’re using Outlook:

      Just go to File>Open>Other User’s folder

      Type the person’s name in or pick from the address list and make sure Inbox is in the drop down list.

      Simple as that.

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      by woody h ·

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      You didn’t say how your exchange to outlook was setup. Are you using .pst files? or are you true corporate and all is left on the exchange server? The answer is dependant on how it is setup.
      If you using .pst files. Go into services in your outlook, add a Personal Folder, browse to their .pst file mapping a drive if necessary, and bingo, you have full access to their email.

      If your true corporate and everything is residing on the exchange server, go into the acct on the exchange server and set yourself up as a delegate to the acct. You can do this when you first configure the acct if you want to. As a delegate, you can add another acct under outlook and attach yourself to the users email on the exchange server.

      Hope this helps.


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