Read Win98 media to WinXP

By dpgc514 ·
I have some media from my old Win98 that has been backed up onto CD-R's.

Now my old Win98 machine's HD is toast.

All i have is 2 other PC's
Both running XP 1 NTSF and 1 Fat.
When i put the backed up CD-R's into either of my drives from both machines they come up as if there's nothing on the discs.
It's like they are blank and it doesn't make sense.

Please help!

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Are the CD's upright?

by Slayer_ In reply to Read Win98 media to WinXP

Sorry, thats all I can think of, CD's are stored in special CD formats. Windows doesn't care the format, it should work for any, unless your backup software did something strange like turn them into CDA's or as tracks on the CD.

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What software did you use to create the backups with?

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Read Win98 media to WinXP

For example, if you used Win98 backup, WinXP won't be able to read it. If you used Roxio software, WinXP won't be able read it, but Roxio should. If you used NERO, WinXP won't be able to read it, but NERO should.

So, what did you use to create your CD backup?

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Also are these Backup or straight data?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Read Win98 media to WinXP

If they are done though a backup program the File Type may be unreadable by XP.

Though the more likely option is either the CD's themselves have been left so long that they have degraded and are now unusable through either long term storage or Poor Storage. If Recordable Optical Drives are left in direct sunlight the Dye degrades and becomes unreadable through UV Decay. There is also the possibility to marks or scratches on the Recordable Disc's rendering them unreadable.

Or the actual Optical Drive can not read this dye type. The Dyes used on Recordable Optical disc's has changed dramatically over the years from a Gold Color to Blue it is possible that if this is an Old Dye Type the Optical Drive can not read the Disc.

Last option is that the Optical Drive itself is not working have you tried different Disc's in this drive to see if it works?


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