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    Reading a PWL


    by gr8pctech ·

    I used the windows pwl list to remember all of my password for the internet and now i want to access a site on a different computer but i can not remember my password and i was wondering if it is possible to read the pwl so i can get that password and if it is how can i go about doing that. do i need a 3rd party software to read the pwl. What is the best way to go about reading a pwl?

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      Reading a PWL

      by arwjnplanotx ·

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      pwl files have a igh degree of encryption on them. You can’t read them. Another possible option is to copy the pwl in question from the computer it works on to the computer you want to log into. If you have already logged into the new computer you will want to rename the pwl file, with that user name, on it. When you copy it make sure you are not logged in with that user name. You may have to make sure that both computers login the same way (windows logon…).

      Hope this helps.


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      Reading a PWL

      by rcsd ·

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      Why bother with third party software and reading files and the like. Why not just simply click on the “I forgt my password” link in the site you are trying to vist. They all have them. The site will then send your password to the email address that you registered with. Of course if you “forgot” that one too, I would suggest that you choose more memorable passwords.

      Say, you’re not trying to “hack” someone’s pwl are you? Nah. Nevermind.

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      Reading a PWL

      by jesalyer ·

      In reply to Reading a PWL

      Try visiting this site:

      PWLTool 6.5 can be obtained there.

      Also, there is some content to explain the .PWL file format and so on.

      jeff s
      spanish callback technician

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