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Reading Meter

By computerangel1 ·
Can you use or do you know how to use electronic meter to detect fault in laptop?

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by Mehul Bhai In reply to Reading Meter
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Start With

by TheChas In reply to Reading Meter

Start with 2 years of electronics school so that you can identify components, how they work, and how to make measurements.

While it is a lot easier to troubleshoot when you have a schematic, once you have a good understanding of electronic components, you can start to probe the circuits to see what is wrong.

I usually start with the power supply circuits. If you don't have the correct voltages, nothing will work.

Where I go next depends on the problem. You need a good scope to verify the primary clock circuits.

After that, with a laptop you start to reach the point where the cost of replacing parts exceeds the value of the repair.


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Also it couldn't hurt

by _Papa_ In reply to Start With work as an assistant in a computer repair shop for a year or so.

No two-year electronics course will give you the "bench" experience with computers.

The same would apply to many other electronics specialties.

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by NickNielsen In reply to Reading Meter
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I would strongly suggest

by _Papa_ In reply to Yes

That without proper electronics training and *lots* of troubleshooting experience, you not attempt to probe anything in a modern computer, you can do serious damage just by touching te circuit board with your finger, and slipping with a probe can do even worse.

Call a qualified electronics technician who specializes in component-level computer rpair..

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