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Reading Packet Sniffer Files

By troberts ·
Using VitalAgent 7.1.1,and saving the results as a TCP packet capture file, the only choice for the extention is a .enc file. Can't read this file with Textpad, etc. Is their some product out there I can use to open and edit this file??


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Reading Packet Sniffer Files

by Shanghai Sam In reply to Reading Packet Sniffer Fi ...

Does VitalAgent have another name or manufacturer? makes a product called Proconvert which converts other packet capture files to a format that can be read by their etherpeek software. I looked through their list and found22 different types, but no VitalAgent. You might try their website ( and see if they can get you any closer to your goal. Best wishes.
- ck

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Reading Packet Sniffer Files

by dale In reply to Reading Packet Sniffer Fi ...

Many sniffers give you the opportunity to export capture data, rather than save the file. Usually, you can export this data to a spreadsheet (like Excel) or to a Comma Seperated Value (CSV) file for later import to a database or other analysis software.

The CSV would be viewable by a text editor, but not of much use - too difficult to read. But once you open it in Excel or a similar tool, you can do lots with it.

Look for an export option with VitalAgent.


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