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Ready for a laugh?

By Mr L ·
Intelligent Enterprise reports that Microsoft's Chief Secrurity Officer, Howard Schmidt, has been nominated to fill the post of Vice Chair of the Fed's Critical Infrstructure Protection board. This board handles the protection of vital information systems. Anyone else out here just find this hilarious?

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Heh HehHeh Heh

by Boomslang In reply to Ready for a laugh?

We're Doomed, Doomed I tell you! The end is near!

Actually, I wouldn't worry too much.

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Well, lemme see...

by road-dog In reply to Ready for a laugh?

If I've got this right. A security specialist coming from the highest profile hacking target in the world put on the board considering security measures to protect America's critical infrastructure.

Sounds good to me, and I'm not being sarcastic.Microsoft has had some spectacular security breaches and some of their products have been shown to be laughably crackable, but who better to take this problem seriously? Security is an evolving science and the opposition is incredible in its in skill and tenacity. Someone who has had to deal with being "in the crosshairs" is a good choice for this job.

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