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    Real Estate site


    by afanesdelucha ·

    We are a group of programmers, who received a commission from a Real Estate Agency, to build a site, but to be different out from the competitors. Considering that it was a tourist town for summer rental. We saw that most of the customer owners rented for fortnights (15 days), rather than single days. In this way we create a website with green and red buttons in their fortnights to demonstrate their occupation. However we are 2 and we do not trust that we are perfect, we would like you to look at our portal and tell us what other ideas or improvements you can suggest.
    The site is zaharadirect (dot) com.
    Thanks in advance.

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      Re: site`

      by kees_b ·

      In reply to Real Estate site

      This typically is something to discuss with your client.

      In fact, it’s something that you should have discussed in the design phase of the project, before you started programming.

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      Kees-B is in principle right, but…

      by john.a.wills ·

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      some users are impossible to get specifications out of, and the TR community may spot things the users would spot only later, becoming annoyed with the programmers. I was once fired for doing what I had been told was wanted rather than what was really wanted; later I became exasperated with a manger who just could not bring himself to specify what should be done when an invalid value was entered (we eventually got the information from his underlings). In this case the client may be unable to put himself in the mind of his customers, but that kind will assuredly blame the programmers if the customers give up on the application and cease to be customers.

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      improvement suggestions

      by john.a.wills ·

      In reply to Real Estate site

      1. The front page should specify which Zahara is meant, in which province it lies and that it is in Spain. It took me a while to figure that out.
      2. As the Atlantaterra area was designed for Germans, there should be a switch to yield all the text in German. For that matter, given that English is the common tongue of the planet… I know that maintaining text in 3 languages is a bit of a bore, but it should increase custom for your clients, and they may not tumble to that until it is a bit late.

      The general layout seems fine to me, and the color pattern is pleasant. You will learn nothing much to help you in your design from looking at my website dubdubdub dot my hyphen albatross dot net.

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