real time server backup!!!

By gazi_al ·
Hello gays i work in a daily newspapper i have 2 server for backup i wanna know does it have any software solution for real-time backup ex. (if i save a *.doc or *.jpg or *.xls or another file to be automatically real time forwarded in backup server i don't know if i was clear in explanation of situation but a think th "EX" will help to understand the question. best wishies !!!

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by deity_chooch In reply to real time server backup!! ...

"Hello gays"?!?!?!

That's not very nice if you're seeking help. I'm just kidding, of course; I understand it's a typo (though perhaps a quick look-over before posting might have been in order).

I'm not familiar with any real-time backup besides RAID, but it seems like you want it to be copied to a separate machine. You could write a simple backup script and have it run automatically either in a cronjob (GNU/Linux) or Scheduled Task (Windows).

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deity_chooch sorry for what i typed

by gazi_al In reply to Gays?!

thanks i lot man for real help but forgive me for that typing Guys i have made typing mistake sorry to all man please !!!!!

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Here you go... Have a good GAY. :)

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to real time server backup!! ...
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Sorry GUYS

by gazi_al In reply to Here you go... Have a go ...

sorry for typing i that form but i have made mistake sorry to all who read :S:S:S

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:-) :-O !!!

by Mehul Bhai In reply to Sorry GUYS

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