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a few points

by JJFitz In reply to Reality

Screen size is a personal preference but I have to say that the iPhone screen is looking smaller and smaller every day. But if it works for you... great.
I just like to see more on one screen.
Apple has not been averse to arbitrarily changing the shape of their devices to generate more accessory revenue.
The only thing that consistently remains the same is the connector. Did you know that Apple makes a lot of money licensing the "Designed for IPhone / iPad" label on 3rd party devices?
It's not true when you say that, "...Android market because there are never two phones that have anything at all to do with each other." The Motorola Bionic, Atrix 2, Droid Razr, and Razr Maxx all have the same HDMI and Micro USB connectors and can use many of the same accessories. I know. I have a Bionic and my son has a Razr and we share the LapDock 500 Pro.
In addition, the vast majority of Android phones use the same micro USB connector for charging and data exchange.
You can't provide a use case for a faster connection? That is a weird comment. "Faster" translates to increased productivity. If 4G is not available, you still have 3G just like all of the less advanced devices. Did you know that Verizon built the 4G network to free up space on the 3G partly because they were planning on offering the iPhone and they were afraid that they would have the same dropped call issues as the other carriers?

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