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Reallocating existing partitions - Win Server 2003

By SpinCon ·
I set up a Windows 2003 server for a client a few years ago. The RAID1 array was partitioned into a system (C:) drive and a data drive (D:).

Now they are running critically low on space on the C: drive but there is plenty of space on the drive. I've done everything I can to eliminate/move stuff to the drive but there is only 100MB remaining.

Can this drive be repartitioned to allocate some of the space on the drive to the C: drive without re-formatting, repartitioning and reinstalling?

Acronis has a server tool that appears to do this but it's more than $600.

Bottom line is that they know that they need a new server and don't want to spend the $600 but need a short term solution.


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Partition Resize

by aamsoh In reply to Reallocating existing par ...

The only easy solution is to use Acronis. or you have to break mirroring and reformation , reinstall and it will take your lot of time.

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Tried moving the virtual memory to ?

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Reallocating existing par ...
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That helped

by SpinCon In reply to Tried moving the virtual ...

This was going to be my next action, but I wasn't sure whether I had already done this or not. I went to the client's office today and checked the paging location and it was still on C: with a paging size of 2048-4096. I tried moving it completely from C: to but got a warning saying that Windows needed at least 200MB for something (don't remember). I left it at 250MB and set the paging file to with a size of 2048-4096. It required a restart and after rebooting the C: drive had an additional 2GB of space.

Thanks for the recommendation!

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Google a utility called 'Change of Address'

by CharlieSpencer In reply to That helped

Do you have a lot of applications on the C: drive? There used to be an app called 'Change of Address' (hereafter, COA).

+ Create a directory on the drive called Program Files.
+ Copy a program subdirectory from C:\Program Files to \Program Files.
+ Backup your registry.
+ Run COA, specify the origin directory for the app you copied, and the destination directory. (Check if there's a registry backup option; if so, the previous step is unnecessary.)
+ COA changes the registry entries for the app, local shortcuts, etc.
+ Test, test, test.
+ Delete the app subdirectory from C:\PF.

I haven't used this in years, don't know if it's compatible with your version of Windows, or if you can even find it any more. Note that it doesn't change shortcuts on client systems that point to the app.

Also, have you tried the Disk Cleanup tool, available by right-clicking the drive, Properties, Tools? Defrag'ing?

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by Jellimonsta In reply to Reallocating existing par ...

I have never used it, but I believe (if you can have a little down time) you could use the GParted LiveCD (*Nix OS) to change partition space for free, without data loss.
You would first need to decrease the D drive, and you could then increase the C drive by that amount.

Good luck. :)

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Extend System Partition in Windows 2003

by Techmakerz In reply to Reallocating existing par ...

As this thread quiet for a while, I wonder if you have solved your problem. Assuming you have fixed, in case of who have the same problem. I think there is a better solution with step by step tutorial. I hope it will be helpful.

Extend System Partition in Windows Server 2003 Easily and Safely:

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