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    Really need some help with server 03


    by jjd226 ·

    My company recently purchased a server running server 2003.

    Last Thursday I installed a free CRM called Sugar. Everything appeared to be running fine, since I ran the install early in the morning, and left the server to its own devices the rest of the day (give or take a few minor tweaks here and there.)

    Anyway, I came in this morning and the server was shutdown. It seems to be shutting itself down every 2.5 to 3 hours. I have been trying to catch it all day, but it seems like it only restarts when I have been called away from my desk to do some minor computer related task (adding printers, mapping a network drive.)

    I have been checking out the server’s event viewer and it really doesn’t seem to be giving me any sort of clue as to what is restarting it I have double and triple checked the fact that the server is set to not go into any sort of standby modes or anything like that.

    I do have an error with the exchange software on the box, but am really not using it. Has anyone ran into problems like this before? Frankly the server is not doing all that much right now… It hosts an internal CRM which has yet to really be configured, and It is running the Print servers now.

    I could really use a helping hand at this point, I am getting quite frustrated with the whole situation at this point.

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      by jjd226 ·

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      Couple things

      by notsochiguy ·

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      Run through all of the services on the server, and check to see which ones are set to RESTART COMPUTER as the recovery model. This is a popular vector for malware (RPC chiefly) to exploit. So, unless you really want it to restart the server if it fails, I’d suggest going with RESTART SERVICE.

      Check the environment. Is there excessive heat? If so, this could be causing the server to reboot every so often. Is consistent and clean power getting to the server? Dirty electricity will also cause sporadic reboots. Conversely, if the server is on a UPS unit, make sure it is running properly.

      Run a diagnostic on the hardware from the BIOS, to see if it detects anything awry.

      Without any other details to go on, those would be some of my first things to look at (not necessarily in that order).

      Good luck!

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      Turn off automatic restart on system failure

      by jruby ·

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      If you’re blue-screening and automatic restart is enabled, you won’t see the error unless you’re sitting right there.

      Sooooo, if your environment can stand having the computer off-line until you get to the keyboard, right click My Computer, click Properties, Advanced tab, Startup and Recovery Settings button, uncheck the Automate restart box under System Failure.

      Hopefully you will be able to see the blue-screen failure and then have the fun of trying to decipher the data that shows up.


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