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RealNetworks rep to Linux: DRM or die!

By stargazerr ·

"The consequences of Linux not supporting DRM would be that fixed-purpose consumer electronics and Windows PCs would be the sole entertainment platforms available," Ayers said.

Good News or bad ??


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by Tony Hopkinson In reply to RealNetworks rep to Linux ...

Total bollocks.

I don't listen to music on my PC anyway, that's why I have a thumping great sound system. I don't watch DVDs on my computer, seems a waste of the DVD player and HDTV to me.

Stuff DRM, they need it, not us. They want us to have it, they can develop it. If it's open source and hasn't got built in root kits and other DRM funnies and they publish some music I want to listen to, may be I'll consider it.

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Not for you and me

by stargazerr In reply to Neither

But there are loads of users who use their computers as an all in one. With linux becoming all the more user friendly ... DRMs might just be the thing that push people over the edge, seeing that its open source ... or should I use layman terms and say FREE ??


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For some strange reason

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Not for you and me

I can see the DRM boys having a crisis of faith if their DRM source was open. After all that would mean that it was less 'secure' wouldn't it. LOL

Equally I can see lot of linux users being unhappy with somem media player 'dialing out' and talking to all and sundry. I don't allow this to happen on my windows box, for fairly obvious reasons, so my instinctive reaction would be to block it's access on any system, at that point it's no use.

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by nelson.robert In reply to Neither

It doesn't matter wether you listen to music on your pc.If you bought a cd recently it probably is DRM'd.A recent Merle Haggard Cd that I purchased certainly was. It's all well and good that you personally don't listen on your pc, but that has little if anything to do with the reality of today's music scene.

The entertainment moguls are doing there best to make you pay every time you change devices.Only thing worse is patents on genes.

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by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Bulletin

I put the CD in my CD player attached to my amp. If it doesn't play I take it back for a refund.

DRM is only a problem if you wish to take it off the media it was distributed on.
I know people do this and given they simply make the copy they purchased available on another media, I personally believe they have every right to do so.

However I do not do this, I don't have an ipod or an mp3 player. I do not rip to my pc so i can listen to a lower quality copy of lower quality equipment and currently of lower quality music.

So my point remains, they can stuff DRM as far as I'm concerned, because it offers me nothing.

Anyone who wants to waffle about safeguarding the creative input of artists in the current music industry, needs to be subjected to a Steps album, then they'll stop talking bollocks.

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In other words:

by jmgarvin In reply to RealNetworks rep to Linux ...


DRM is a load of horse hucky anyway, they can shove it where the sun doesn't shine as far as I'm concerned.

DRM means that if I own a CDRW, I'm a pirate. It means that if I rip a CD to MP3, I'm a pirate. It means that if I rip a DVD, I'm a pirate. It means that if I make backups, I'm a pirate. It means more money for the *IAA/labels and less freedom for the consumer.

Oh, did I mention that DRM is a load of garbage?

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Linux User To RealNetworks..

by Jaqui In reply to RealNetworks rep to Linux ...

DRM is a complete violation of my consitutional right to enjoy a cd or dvd I purchased, your DRM attitude is part why I don't use your shitty products.


*note to self, build another fusion warhead, realnetworks goes up in plasma at same time as microsoft, sony, and Washington D.C.

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When you finish those warheads

by mjwx In reply to Linux User To RealNetwork ...

I've got a multi-stage delivery system you could borrow. Its running linux and powered by a BMW driver's superiority complex.

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DRM is dying, and they know it

by dawgit In reply to RealNetworks rep to Linux ...

Pretty soon (in fact real soon) there will be a big split in computing as we know it. MicroSoft knows it's comming and so does the DRM folks. There will be two seperat worlds; one for 'entertament' (as in the silly consumers) and the rest of us. (as in work / business) And those two may never come together again. The masses want entertainment, they'll get stuck with DRMs. And Businesses are sick of it. (and I see a rosy future for Linux) Sure they'll sell a milion entertainment sets once, but I've got too many companies down the road that buy computers 20,000 at a time, and will do so forever.

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Unfortunately, You Have It Backwards

by rkuhn In reply to DRM is dying, and they kn ...

For the record, I agree with all of you...DRM is doomed to fail (hopefully).

However, Dawgit, businesses will live with DRM because they don't want pirated stuff on their networks anyways.

And most home users will live with it too until they realize how restricting it is. Few casual computer users will see this as being restrictive. They will think it is enforcing the law because they don't typically do the things that we do.

Only the more tech savvy will see this as a major problem.

I predict DRM is successful for a few years and only goes away (maybe) after they realize that whatever system they design to prevent unauthorized copying will always be circumventable given enough time.

Already even given the RIAA lawsuits, Sony rootkits, various other protection schemes, etc one can still do just about anything such as ripping CD's, making music/software copies (I mean backups), convert iTunes to MP3's, etc.

They can't stop the will of the masses, but the masses haven't stepped forward and spoken, yet.

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